Challenging Your Faith

An Outreach Ministry of The Way Jesus Christ Christian Church

Challenging Your Faith is the name of the major component of the multimedia / broadcast ministry of The Way Jesus Christian Church, pastored by Rev. David M. Patin, Sr. He strives to encourage Believers in their faith in Christ and  inspire them to continue grow from faith to faith.

I pray that Christ Jesus and the church will forever bring praise to God. His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine. Amen. 
Ephesians 3:20 CEV

Rev. David M. Patin, Sr.


 “Rebuilding the Walls of the Inner City through
Evangelization, Education and Motivation.”      


David Patin, a native New Orleanian, raised in the Calliope public housing and educated in the Public Schools of New Orleans. He attended the University of New Orleans and Union Baptist Theological Seminary. He received an Associate of Science Degree in Funeral Service from Delgado Community College, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

He was called and ordained to the ministry in 1988. In 1989, after the death of its pastor, David Patin, Sr. was installed as the Pastor of The Way Jesus Christ Missionary Baptist Church. He and the pastor were the founding members of the church five years prior.

Call to the ministry

He was reared Catholic, saved Pentecostal, served Baptist and is now pastor a Non-Denominational congregation. He believes having a diverse Christian experience has equipped him to not allow religious/denomination barriers to encumber the message of the gospel. 

Pastor Patin has been called to the inner city to bring the message of hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Not just hope for the hereafter but hope for here and now.  He understands that this can only be done through education, both spiritual and secular. Once information is transferred, Pastor Patin believes that one has to be motivated for change to take place.


Pastor Patin is the President of United Progressive Baptist General Association of New Orleans.  He is a member of Fellowship of Covenant Ministers International and Founder of Kings and Priests Ministry, New Orleans. He is a member of the Desoto and Greater Southwest Black Chambers of Commerce. He serves on the Board of Advisors of Kingdom Builders Ministries, Bridges Inc/Comprehensive Solutions, and On Call Nursing and Associates.

 Pastor Patin is the past president of The Louisiana Progressive Baptist State Convention, the past president of the Board of Directors of Myrtle Magee Christian Academy, former Board member of Magee Funeral Home, Inc. and Unified Investors, Inc. and former Director of Magee Insurance Agency.  He is a former member of New Orleans Embalmers Association and Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity.   


"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" Matt. 28:19

Desiring to raise the standard of education in New Orleans, Pastor Patin founded The Myrtle Magee Christian Academy in 1998.  The Academy, having its largest enrollment of 175 students, served Pre-K4 to 12th grade until the Hurricane Katrina displaced our staff and student body in 2005.

Pastor Patin is the CEO of D.M. Patin Ministries.  He is the host of “Challenging Your Faith” and “Change Your Water, Change Your Mind” Television and Radio Shows, the author of “It’s Your Time”, “Can You Stand to Be Blest” and “How Alkaline Water Changed My Life”. He is the former host of “It’s Your Time” Television Show. 

The Way is a positive presence in the community. Through its outreach programs, the ministry has been instrumental in the clean-up of drug infested areas surrounding the church.  Such programs as: Sidewalk Sunday School, Taking It To Street, A Feast For You, Vacation Bible School, crusades against “The Spirit of Murder”, WOW Jams, semi-annual clothes and food give aways, movie night, weekly evangelism, semiannual retreats and much regular weekly prayer meetings have been effective in the community.

Pastor Patin is developing the plans for “The Transformation Station”, envisioned to meet the needs of the total person. (i.e. skill/trade, literacy, financial planning, after school tutorial programs, health and wellness center, etc.)       


Pastor Patin possessed business acumen from an early age.  His training, business experience and licensing are extensive including: printing, pest control, real estate, insurance (health, life and investment), funeral director, embalmer and auto dealer. He is the owner and CAO of Patin Properties, D.M. Patin & Associates and WH2OLE Water, Inc. and Regional Consultant with Ambit Energy Company.  He is a Health and Wellness Advocate with Enagic Corporation USA, holding the position of 6A-1. He is a motivational speaker and hosts Wellness and Wealth Seminars across the country.  

For the past 7 years as a Wellness Advocate, Pastor Patin has undertaken the grave task of educating the public about the health benefits of drinking alkaline, ionized, micro clustered, oxygenated water, encouraging them to “Join the Alkaline Revolution”.  Sometimes challenging, yet, it is a rewarding experience, because knowledge applied generates power to live and without it the people perish.  


Pastor Patin is the youngest son of the late Joseph and Irma Woods Patin, Sr.  He is the husband of 37 years of Gwiena Magee Patin, who is his partner in all of his spiritual and business undertakings. He is the father of one son, David, Jr. who along with his wife Letetia, are the owners of the Patin Law Group, Desoto and Fort Worth, Texas  and one daughter, Zahn Magee Patin who is currently employed by Celanese as a Procurement Professional. He is the loving grandfather of three, Alishia, Amber and Briyahn. Pastor Patin is highly regarded and respected by his family, immediate and extended.  

Pastor Patin loves people and lends himself to their betterment. He is a teacher, visionary, a man of great faith and wisdom with a gift that encourages and inspires.